Detailed reports of discrimination from inside India and elsewhere



Documentary videos

Detailed chronicle 1980-2008




Two significant documentary reports that came out in September and October 2008 are:


France 24: The Dalai Lama's Demons


Al Jazeera: The Dalai Lama ~ the devil within

View the transcript of the Al Jazeera video footage.


Here is a sampling of discrimination and human rights abuses: 

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See the detailed chronicle below for reports of abuses both in the lay communities and monasteries from the 1990s to the present day.


Documentary videos


For a wide range of videos on the subject from various sources, please go to our Video page.


1) Al Jazeera: The Dalai Lama ~ the devil within

View the transcript of the Al Jazeera video footage.


2) France 24: The Dalai Lama's demons 


3) Swiss Documentary Part One, Part Two, Part Three: Discord in Exile. Reports from the Tibetan Exile Community in India, 1998, Swiss Public Television. View a full transcript.


Short extract from the transcript (watch the videos to see the whole story)


Commentator: Desperate because of a conflict with the Dalai Lama. They grant us entry into the temple. At the center of the conflict the protector deity Dorje Shugden. A very popular Deity who is called upon to increase the power of meditation. He is the patron deity of Tibet. He has been worshipped for centuries. Nothing would be more devastating to the monks than having to break the tradition but this is precisely what the Dalai Lama has been vehemently demanding for two years. He keeps proclaiming that worshipping Dorje Shugden harms the cause of Tibet and that it endangers his own life. Neither of these points can be comprehended by the monks, who are well-trained in logic.


An unusual scene, inconceivable only a few years ago. Monks demonstrate against the government of the Dalai Lama. (speaking Tibetan)


This man was present at the demonstration. Geshe Phuntsog Tsultrim is 64 years old and tells us that he is going through the saddest moments of his life.


"We had asked our teachers to initiate us into the practice of this Deity. Now we either have to act against the words of these great masters or disregard the Dalai Lama's ban. I deeply regret that I could have not died a few years ago, before this ban."


(Detailed footage of the whole situation is available on the videos. Please see for yourself.)


Unfortunately, there is plenty more of all this to come if the Dalai Lama doesn't lift the ban and stop the persecution.


Detailed chronicle 1980-2008


Chronicle of events up to 1997
Chronicle of events 1998
Chronicle of events 1999 to 2007

Chronicle of events 2008: January - March
Chronicle of events 2008: April - July


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Political Leader

dalai lamaDalai Lama

The Hypocrisy

Follow the story of the Dalai Lama's 30-year political campaign to destroy a centuries-old spiritual tradition taught to him by his own Spiritual Guide, and the efforts of those he's hurting to stop him:

Brief summary
- What is happening
- What is the Western Shugden Society (WSS)?
- Detailed reports of discrimination from inside India and elsewhere

The Dalai Lama's position
- A Great Deception
- Praise to Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden by the Dalai Lama
- In the Dalai Lama's words

Why is this happening?
- Why is this religious suppression taking place?
- Are the Dalai Lama's reasons valid?

Efforts to restore religious freedom
- Geshe Kelsang's open letter
- The ban is illegal and unconstitutional
- Press reports and videos
- Dorje Shugden Devotee's Charitable and Religious Society
- Dalai Lama sued for repressing religious freedom
- A conflict with a solution
- Announcement from Serpom Norling Monastery

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Ongoing persecution 2008-2010
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- Forced signature and ID card campaign
- Persecution of monks at Sera Monasteries
- Public humiliation and explusion of monks
- Letter to Indian Prime Minister regarding abuses
- Letters from Dorje Shugden Devotees
- Urgent appeal from Sera Monasteries
- Support from Indian police
- Western Shugden Society letter to Sera monasteries
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- Heartfelt request from monks in Mundgod
- More discrimination planned around the world
- Letter from an FPMT monk
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- What you can do

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