Detailed reports of discrimination from inside India


Journalists researching the ostracism are intimidated at Otty Tibetan market, May 22, 2008


Two independent French journalists visited Otty, in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, to interview the families of Shugden devotees, who told them their stories of discrimination and human rights abuses. At 6 pm, the journalists went to the Tibetan market where Shugden devotees and non-devotees sell clothes together. (The story of how the Shugden devotees have been ostracized by the others in the market has been documented earlier.)


The journalists questioned the officer there about the ostracism being experienced by Shugden devotees. Because the officer denied that Shugden devotees have any problems, the journalists later brought a Shugden devotee to the office and pointed out that there is indeed a problem.


The officer got angry and said: "Why do you question us? You must question the Tibetan representative in Bangalore and the Dalai Lama." The office was then surrounded by Tibetan men and women - some of whom tried to snatch the journalists' camera and smash it on the ground. They threatened to beat the journalists, who immediately fled to the nearby police station for protection.


After that, a meeting was convened in the office. Shugden devotees are now in great stress, scared about what will happen to them after the meeting.


Indians helping the journalists carry their luggage lose their jobs, May 28, 2008


At the time when the two French journalists received intimidation at the hands of Tibetans in Otty on May 22, there were two Indians employed to help carry their luggage. The Tibetans of Otty Tibetan market demanded that the employers fire the Indians from the market on the mere charge that they had helped the journalists. So they have lost their jobs and cannot work with the Tibetans at the market again.


Dorje Shugden practitioners barred from public temple, May 28, 2008


Shillong is a city in Magalaya State, North India, where over a hundred Tibetans run restaurants and shops. There is a temple built by public funds for the purpose of prayer services and social gatherings. This year, Sera-jay monks have been managing the temple. When Shugden families went to the temple as usual to make prayers and have a picnic, they found the temple locked. When the Sera-jay monks were asked the reason for the temple being locked, they replied that they have signed and sworn not to share religious or material contact with any Shugden followers. These innocent Buddhist parents and children have therefore been barred from the publicly funded temple.


The oath-taking continues in the Tibetan settlements, June 25, 2008


The signature and swearing campaign is currently being conducted in two different Tibetan settlements in North India, Deradun and Lakenwala. Tibetans in the refugee camps are made to sign an oath that:

1. He/she will never worship Shugden
2. He/she will never share material or religious ties with Shugden followers

Thus this disease is still spreading and being exported, flying in the face of the Delhi High Court Case and international demonstrations.

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