Public humiliation and expulsion of monks 2008


Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association & Himalayan Cultural For Action on Tibet (South India Branch)

(Translated from the Tibetan)


April 6, 2008


To brothers, monks and laypeople who are rich with patriotism, resolute intention and wisdom:


We will pinpoint the some actions by animals who are in the form of human, who are made of wealth and belittle law of cause and effect, and the inside rotten who gave up ones nationality and culture:


1 Thupten Kunsang is the resident of House no 19, and was a director of Sermay Health Service.
2 Thupten Samphel is the resident of House no 10 and his nickname is Gyakpa
3 Jampa Choegyal is the resident of House no 24
4 Wangyal is resident of House no 19
5 Ngawang Thapkhey is the resident of House no 24 and his nickname is Kabkyo


Among them, the most rotten person is Pomra Thupten Kunsang. In March 2007, he has conducted the traitorous tour to France, America, Italy and so on. At that period, he has taken toxicant water by meeting Gangchen Gyawo, the leader of Dorje Shugden tradition.


Before that, Pomra Thupten Samphel, the ghost, went to Chinese embassy in Nepal on June 1, 2003 and July 12, 2004 respectively. Similarly, under the guidance of the barbarain Chinese, when the followers of Dorje Shugden doctrine has launched campaign of harming the life of the Dalai Lama in Amarnath Kalachakra in 2006, he the old donkey and ghost was said to be a participant of lunatic jumping. Intelligence Agency arrested them and their evil actions has fail.


After that, he went to China to give his corpse. He then went to Tibet and brought with him six Dorje Shugden ignorant children to Delhi, India and sent them to Dharmashala to accumulate evil karma. It is said that these Dorje Shugden children has launched some evil activities. After coming back to Sera, he follows the Nga Lama, the sinful ghost and the enemy of Buddhism, who wear monk dress in December 2006. The followers of Dorje Shugden doctrine has convened a gossip meeting, and passed four gossip resolutions which cause to them to go to hell:


1 pose threat to the wellbeing of the Dalai Lama
2 instigate schism between local people and Tibetan refugees
3 walk directly to wherever China force regime put its finger
4 to participate in 2008 Beijing Olympic in the name of delegate of the followers of Dorje Shugden doctrine.


In January 2008, during the visit by the Dalai Lama at Mundgod, they distributed blankets the neighbor Indians with some trucks. When they launched evil activities, they aspired for benefit, but fail. On other hand, they incited Indian Auto drivers to increase the two third fare of the rickshaw. This is a part of their conspiracy to destroying the harmony between Indian and Tibetan.


After that, when the public give their volunteer signature and oath, they have nakedly shown their face which they hide for many years, exposing the lies. Therefore, as the result of their evil actions, Sera Lachi and Sera-May monasteries have been closed for two months: the purification day and puja could not hold. Although their evil actions has been success and got some toxicant water from the hands of Communist China, this is merely movement of dying person.


However, we have plan to hold the purification day and puja as we used to, sooner or later, at that time, all Tibetan laypeople and monks must give them detail and profound repression on them for not entering our side. In case they continue come to instigate, we have a Tibetan saying that to the old bull who don't understand, the stick is more powerful than the words of King. Therefore, we will do the same. You, the ghost, must know that we are not fear, but we tolerate walking on the path of love and non-violence of the Dalai Lama. In nutshell, it is important to keep alert those with impure commitment for not entering our side, by cherishing ones interest.


Important Announcement -- Expulsion of Monks


April 8, 2008

To the Tibetan public and monks,

Since earlier time, those following monks under the affiliation of Sera-May pomra, whose names are listed together with their photos, have engaged in mere conceit exaggeration to around six thousands monks, in the name of Dorje Shugden. Therefore, the lords of law of Sera-Lachi monastery, disciplinarian Geshe Thupten Tendar and disciplinarian Geshe Tsultrim Gyaltsen have excommunicated them from the institution of Sera monastery. We thus call for Tibetan public and monks not share to religious and material resources with these persons.

Thupten Samphel (photo), Thupten Kunsang (photo), Tenzin Tsering (photo), Jampa Khetseun (photo), Jampa Choegyal (photo), Lobsang Jikmay (photo)


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