Announcement from Serpom Norling Monastery


Medicine Buddha Festival to be held in Serpom Norling Monastery

The annual Medicine Buddha Festival, one of the most important Festivals, will held in Serpom Monastery on Sept 29, 2009, corresponding to the 11th day of the eighth Tibetan month.

Hundreds of monks will perform pujas three times a day for a week for the well-being and prosperity of all living beings, and particularly of devotees and well-wishers of the Peace Deity Dorje Shugden.

Medicine Buddha (Skt: Bhaisajyaguru, Ch:Yaoshifó, Jp. Yakushi) is the Buddha of healing and medicine. As a Bodhisattva, Medicine Buddha made 12 remarkable vows to heal and protect people. He is accompanied by his two attendants, Suryaprabha and Candraprabha.

The prayers of Medicine Buddha (Tib:Sangye Menla) are very powerful for healing physical illness and purifying negativities. The practice also develops increasing healing powers both for oneself and others.

As the festival is an object of accumulating merit and purifying negativities for all, the public is welcome to take part in the festival by sponsoring Medicine Buddha prayers. Contact the Administrators of Serpom Monastery to make arrangements and donations toward the week-long spiritual event.

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- What is the Western Shugden Society (WSS)?
- Detailed reports of discrimination from inside India and elsewhere

The Dalai Lama's position
- A Great Deception
- Praise to Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden by the Dalai Lama
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Why is this happening?
- Why is this religious suppression taking place?
- Are the Dalai Lama's reasons valid?

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- The ban is illegal and unconstitutional
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- Can the Dalai Lama ever make a mistake?
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- Spirit worship or authentic Buddhist practice?
- Freedom of worship
- The Dalai Lama's justifications
- Analysis by Dalai Lama's translator (PDF)
- What would Thomas Jefferson think of the 14th Dalai Lama?
- Book Reviews
- Videos

Evidence and first-hand accounts
- Chronological background
- Discord in exile documentary
- Political motivations for the ban
- Summary to date from Tibetan exiles
- Other

Ongoing persecution 2008-2010
- Recent vote sticks and call for help
- Forced signature and ID card campaign
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- Public humiliation and explusion of monks
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