Urgent Appeal from Sera Monasteries in 2008

Request for help from Sera Monasteries, April 2008


Dearest brothers and sisters across the world.


Our monks who devote to dharma are suffering from discrimination, abuses, and potential public attack. As you know, Tibetan pubilc were called on twice in Sera monastery. The mob leader is Mr Lobsang Choedar of Sera-Jay monastery who pledged and declared that he would finish Shugden devotees.


With due respect, we request each of our brothers and sisters in Asia, Europe, America and Canada, to write to Deputy Commissioner of Mysore and Assistant Commissioner of Hunsure in South India.


We need to request Indian authorities to sincerely stop the discrimination, abuses and threatening, and public use against Shugden devotees. The discrimination, abuses and threating, and public use are masterminded and orchestrated by Mr. Lobsang Choedar of Sera-Jay monastery, who is Indian citizen from Arnachal Pradesh.


More you write to them, more it helps lot to Shugden monks in Pomra monastery. They are in need of your support and help, simply the letter writing campaign. And your simple writing from your home makes difference to the lives of our devoted monks in Sera monastery.

Political Leader

dalai lamaDalai Lama

The Hypocrisy

Follow the story of the Dalai Lama's 30-year political campaign to destroy a centuries-old spiritual tradition taught to him by his own Spiritual Guide, and the efforts of those he's hurting to stop him:

Brief summary
- What is happening
- What is the Western Shugden Society (WSS)?
- Detailed reports of discrimination from inside India and elsewhere

The Dalai Lama's position
- A Great Deception
- Praise to Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden by the Dalai Lama
- In the Dalai Lama's words

Why is this happening?
- Why is this religious suppression taking place?
- Are the Dalai Lama's reasons valid?

Efforts to restore religious freedom
- Geshe Kelsang's open letter
- The ban is illegal and unconstitutional
- Press reports and videos
- Dorje Shugden Devotee's Charitable and Religious Society
- Dalai Lama sued for repressing religious freedom
- A conflict with a solution
- Announcement from Serpom Norling Monastery

Analysis of situation
- Sectarianism
- Can the Dalai Lama ever make a mistake?
- Is the Dalai Lama the only spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism?
- Theocracy or democracy?
- Spirit worship or authentic Buddhist practice?
- Freedom of worship
- The Dalai Lama's justifications
- Analysis by Dalai Lama's translator (PDF)
- What would Thomas Jefferson think of the 14th Dalai Lama?
- Book Reviews
- Videos

Evidence and first-hand accounts
- Chronological background
- Discord in exile documentary
- Political motivations for the ban
- Summary to date from Tibetan exiles
- Other

Ongoing persecution 2008-2010
- Recent vote sticks and call for help
- Forced signature and ID card campaign
- Persecution of monks at Sera Monasteries
- Public humiliation and explusion of monks
- Letter to Indian Prime Minister regarding abuses
- Letters from Dorje Shugden Devotees
- Urgent appeal from Sera Monasteries
- Support from Indian police
- Western Shugden Society letter to Sera monasteries
- Western Shugden Society letter to TGIE
- Heartfelt request from monks in Mundgod
- More discrimination planned around the world
- Letter from an FPMT monk
- Other
- What you can do

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