A report from Tamil Nadu Tibetan Market, May, 2008


A report from Tamil Nadu Tibetan Market, May, 2008

Sent by Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable Trust in India


Ooty in Tamil Nadu State has a Tibetan Market near the Botannical Gardens, where 74 families have been selling sweaters for years. Four of these families worship the deity Dorje Shugden.


The lives of these four families, both parents and children, have been miserable since the campaign making people swear not to have any kind of contact with them. They are shunned by old friends and acquaintances, some of whom they have been sitting next to morning til evening for years. They are outcasts. They are considered to be no less than monsters.


Now the situation has become even more tense. From May 6 to 8 2008, Mr. Thupten Lungrik, the minister for Education (Tibetan government in exile) went to the Tibetan settlements in South India to stir up public sentiment against Dorje Shugden devotees. His visit was a success. He made many Tibetans emotional and aggressive.


Upon hearing of the Writ Petition filed in Delhi High Court, Tibetan vendors in the market are saying that Shugden people brought their living Buddha to court and therefore it is apparent that they were funded and helped by China. Groups of younger vendors have been saying that these Shugden devotees should not be allowed to wander freely among them but should be beaten. A notice has been pasted on the board threatening the Shugden devotees. The four families are filled with fear. Their own home and friends are now hostile to them and they remain daily vulnerable to assault.


These families need your support. Therefore, we appeal to you to write to the concerned authority as soon as possible: 


Thiru Anandrao Vishnu Patil  (IAS)

District Collector
Collectorate, The Nilgiris District
Udhagamandalam (Ooty) - 643001

Phone: 0423-2442344 (O)
            0423-2442233 (R)
Fax:      0423-2443971

E-Mail: collrnlg@tn.nic.in


Tel: 0091-423-2223839

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